MPS Care Group completes successful rebrand

As part of the rebrand, MPS Care Group launched a new website, giving each of their care homes a fresh, unique and homely feel.

MPS Care Group launched our new website today, marking the successful completion of a two month long rebrand process.

The new website makes use of colourful illustrations and close-up photography to give families a better insight into what life is like at all of our homes. The updated colour palette has been used to reflect their homely nature, while also mirroring the four core values of MPS Care Group:

  • Reassuringly Honest
  • Always There
  • Advancing Wellbeing
  • Honouring Choice

The rebrand has placed a larger emphasis on our individual homes, providing each home with its own unique coat of arms and gathering testimonials from a range of key staff members. The message is clear: all of our homes are their own unique family, connected under the wider MPS Care Group.

The brand refresh has also accompanied the announcement of our new domiciliary care service, which allows our expert carers to travel to local residencies to administer specialist care to elderly individuals within the comfort of their own home.

Mark Pridmore, Commercial Development Manager at MPS Care Group, was delighted with the rebrand, reflecting on what it means for the future of the company.

“This rebrand has been a complete breath of fresh air. We want to do well for our current residents and to spread the word about all that we’re trying to achieve here, and the new business developments we’re looking to bring on board on the back of this rebrand will help us to raise the already exceptional standards of care we set ourselves at MPS Care Group.   

“These next 12-18 months are really exciting. We mean business. It’s a long road ahead don’t get me wrong, but we can already see light at the end of the tunnel.”

The restrictions presented by COVID-19 certainly complicated the rebrand, particularly in terms of photography, where access to individual homes was understandably restricted in order to ensure the safety of our residents. Nevertheless, our team managed to capture the spirit of the majority of our homes while still respecting any precautionary COVID-19 measures, as well as the dignity of our residents.

For those homes where strict safety concerns meant photography simply wasn’t an option, we will continue to update the new website with relevant images as and when restrictions are lifted and it becomes safe to do so.

Even for the smallest questions, do not hesitate to contact Head Office at:

01773 546736

For some advice and common questions about our website, please visit the Help & Advice page.

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