About Us

Our History

MPS and its group of care homes started life quite humbly over thirty five years ago, with family members operating, managing and working in care homes within the East Midlands area.

Thanks to our successful hands-on management style and our ability to work as colleagues with a collective team approach, the company went on to gradually acquire and own all of the eleven homes it now owns and operates throughout the UK.

The ethos which we employed at the start of our journey still exists today. And it is a simple one: provide a high quality of care to our residents, have good staff welfare and morale and provide a homely environment to live and work in.

In short – a safe, caring and happy home.

Our committed staff have worked alongside us for many years to provide the stable and steadfast caring environment that residents deserve, with some of these staff members having served with MPS Care Group for over 20 years.

Today, the company is still owned and operated under the same family umbrella it was when it first began and it will continue to do so, ensuring our residents receive the hands-on approach and high standards of care that they deserve each and every day of their lives.

Our Values

Reassuringly Honest

We are experts in our field, and we have cared for thousands of residents over many decades.

We use our specialist expertise to give you regular and honest assessments of your loved ones’ medical and wellbeing needs.

Always There

Our commitment to always be there for our residents is something that we keep very close to our hearts.

We are available morning, noon and night to provide consistent and quality support to our residents.

Advancing Wellbeing

By embracing technology across all our services, we meet and exceed our residents’ constantly changing needs.

We take an innovative approach to care, utilising new technologies and age-old care practices to provide the holistic care our residents deserve.

Honouring Choice

At MPS Care Group, we strive to ensure every individual has the power to make their own decisions.

We provide a variety of options that put our residents’ dignity first while also ensuring their needs are addressed. 

Our Partners

We’re safer when we work together. That’s why MPS Care Group has partnered with a number of leading service providers within the UK health and social care sector, to ensure that we can provide only the highest quality of care to our residents.

We’ve selected our partners based on our shared commitment towards providing great care, as well as our dedication to be able to provide for all of our residents’ care requirements. This means the food, technology, supplies, training and levels of compliance on offer at every one of our care homes is as good as it possibly can be.

By working with the following partners, we hope to aid each other in our collective mission to improve and uphold exceptional standards within the UK health and social care sector, and to advance wellbeing, together:

  • Atlas
  • apetito
  • Beaucare
  • Care 4 Quality
  • PCS
  • Relias

For more information on any of these partnerships, please visit our designated Partnerships page.

MPS Care Group is a family business, run by family members and an exceptional team of health care professionals. Our values run throughout the entirety of the company, and every member of our team is expected to provide care to the best of their ability when a resident needs their help.

Meet the Team

Paul Warren-Gray

Chairman & Founder at MPS Care Group

“I was a chef for many years before I first got involved with healthcare management. I used to help other care groups with their business plans before one day I thought ‘why shouldn’t I own some of this?’ I bought my first two care homes in the late 80s and since then I’ve never looked back.

I do expect things to be right. It’s about quality, and the health, safety and wellbeing of my residents is my utmost priority. And there’s three things which go into that really. One is a happy home. The second is a safe home and the third is happy staff. Those three things go hand in hand to give you the end result – a good care home.

This is a family business, run by family members and an excellent team that all work together. It’s probably one of the only care companies where the owner, MD and the rest of the staff will be told to get their wellingtons and go out and clean something if it needs doing. Everyone is important to me in this organisation, because it only runs because of them.”

Paula Newbert

Group Operations Clinical Lead at MPS Care Group

“I joined MPS Care Group in 2016, initially as a home Manager for two of the homes but then moving into my current position of Group Clinical Lead. I studied at Doncaster School of Nursing and qualified as a nurse in 1986, so I’ve now got over 30 years’ experience spanning acute, primary care and community both within the NHS and private settings.

Although I’m a qualified nurse prescriber with experience of delivering post registration nurse training courses, my specialist skills are in palliative care and tissue viability and my passion is creating outstanding care for people living with dementia. 

Making a difference is the reason I come to work every day. And it’s not just improvements within the home. It’s about the wider community too, and building those networks up. I like to think of MPS as the second family for each and every one of our residents. We all love and care for one another.”

Even for the smallest questions, do not hesitate to contact Head Office at:

01773 546736

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