21 Crooked Billet Street
DN21 3AH

  • 25 Bedrooms
  • Room personalisation
  • Dementia care
  • Residential/respite care
  • Palliative care

Here at Eliot House, residents are free to celebrate life in a picturesque rural village overlooking one of England’s most beautiful rivers. Our staff are experienced, friendly and completely dedicated to fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality of care and ensuring 100% service at all times.

While having the peace and quiet of our own extensive grounds within the rural village of Morton, we also have excellent access to local amenities such as the John Coupland Hospital.

Our residents do not live in our workplace. We work in their home.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The MPS Care Home Group continues to adhere to the guidelines set by Public Health England Agency. The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff are of utmost priority. Therefore we ask that you please contact the homes directly about visiting opportunities as well as new care enquiries as we are safely accepting new residents.

Like a Scene From a Novel

Eliot House is a Grade Two listed building once inhabited by one of Britain’s most illustrious authors, George Eliot. Writing in the mid 1800s, Eliot’s work had a profound influence on English literature, and we are proud that Eliot House and its quaint surroundings were once the inspiration for one of Eliot’s most famous novels, ‘The Mill on the Floss’.

Now, more than a century later, our residents still have their own stories to tell. From our rooms, we have beautiful views from wide bay windows, and spacious decked gardens with walking facilities as well as a separate patio and fountain. Residents can make use of the outdoor spaces whenever they please, and have control over the pattern of their daily lives.

This is always under the supervision of our staff who are on duty at all times to ensure safety and wellbeing. Our carers have been with us for a long time and are highly trained and experienced, having built a great working relationship with a number of groups and individuals in our local community.

Coming soon… Domiciliary Care

Already living close to Eliot House?

At Eliot House, we know what it means to you to be able to stay independent and live in your own home environment. That’s why we will soon be offering an excellent Domiciliary Care service, with a committed team able to provide regular drop-in services for individuals already living near to Eliot House.

Whether you would like a daily, weekly, or even a monthly service, we will strive to help in any way we can. To learn more or come up with a plan that suits you, just give us a call. For further information about MPS Care Groups’ Domiciliary Care programme, please visit our designated domiciliary care page.

Meet the Team

Shanti Rampal

Manager at Eliot House

“I’ve been the manager of Eliot House since 2011 but I’m also a nurse, safeguarding ambassador & EOL champion. Every day brings a new challenge and we set ourselves quite high standards here but, with the dedication of our team, we never fail to maintain them.

As a manager, it’s important to appreciate your staff and to respect them as you would want to be respected. It’s also important to respect the residents, to maintain their dignity and their privacy. Living and working in a congenial atmosphere is vital, and we all feel that at Eliot House.

We have a very good relationship with the local community. The availability of GPs and religious communities can provide a real pillar of support to our residents if they need it. Working with the community, helping charities, making our residents feel at home – that’s my passion.”

Andrea Coulson

Nurse & Infection Control at Eliot House

“I’ve been working as a Nurse at Eliot House since 2018 and the rewards of working here are evident every day. I came from a learning disability background, but caring for the elderly has been a total change in profession in many, many ways.

It’s taken a lot of time for me to do the necessary training but Shanti has been brilliant. She gives myself and the rest of the staff a lot of extra support. We all do a tough job in this place, but we all do it together – and that’s the important thing.

I’ve done days, I’ve done nights, I’ve done NHS in Doncaster. I’ve done everything you can possibly imagine. But my first love was always the old people. My family are nurses and in my teens I used to go work with my mum and that’s where I got my first experience of hands-on care. I’ve always loved caring for people. I can’t see what else I would do.”

Grace Killick

Senior Care & Cook at Eliot House

“I am the most senior carer here at Eliot House and I’ve also worked here the longest. I’ve been here since the 3rd August 1993 and, although the house has changed a lot over all those years, our level of care has never dropped.

I’ve enjoyed working here from day one. You can say I’m a jack of all trades. I help out with the cooking when needed and I used to do the cleaning here at Eliot House as well. Whatever’s needed of me, I’m there to help.

The best things about working at Eliot House is the residents.They’re like a second family to me. I like taking good care of them alongside the rest of the staff. Great care is just automatic. It’s what you have to do. We always give our residents 100% throughout their time here.”

Robyn McKenna

Activity Coordinator at Eliot House

“I’ve been working here at Eliot House since 2018. I was caring at first but then I went on to activities after about a year. The previous activities lady left and I just thought it’s something that I’d really enjoy to do, so I jumped at the chance.

I do still help out with caring and doing bits and bobs here and there but daily activities are such an important aspect of the residents’ time here. For those that struggle to join in with others, I try to do more personal things that I know they’ll enjoy to make sure they feel involved.

I’ve figured out what activities certain residents like and don’t like, which helps get everyone involved as a group. We do like to have a sing and a dance. I’ll always have the music on while we’re doing activities and the residents like to laugh at my dancing – I don’t know why though!”

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