Chace Court

  • 66 Bedrooms
  • Cinema Room
  • Dementia care
  • Respite & Day care
  • Palliative care

Here at Northfield Care Centre, we take an active and uplifting approach to caring for your loved ones. Positive mental attitudes result in a positive environment for all, which is why on any given day you’ll find our residents taking part in activities with a wide set of smiles on their faces.

Located in a vibrant area of Thorne, just next to the Northfields Doctors Surgery, we are a modern and purpose-built nursing home that caters for residential, dementia and nursing care categories. Our staff are expertly trained, and can adapt to situations at a moment’s notice.

Built with one purpose in mind: caring for your family.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The MPS Care Home Group continues to adhere to the guidelines set by Public Health England Agency. The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff are of utmost priority. Therefore we ask that you please contact the homes directly about visiting opportunities as well as new care enquiries as we are safely accepting new residents.

Home is Where the Heart is

Northfield Care Centre has been built to make our residents feel as comfy as possible in their new home. All our bedrooms are furnished to an impeccable standard with en-suite bathroom facilities throughout, and when you couple that with our unique cinema room, café area and enclosed garden, life at Northfield truly is luxury.

All of these facilities are provided because we know how important it is to remain comfortable and active in our old age. Our staff are committed to listening to each resident’s needs and providing highly individualised care, and are available 24 hours a day for expert support and guidance.

We are conscious that everybody’s needs and desires vary, which is why our residents are encouraged to be proactive with their time at Northfield, to join in with group activities when they feel comfortable and to take their time when they need some privacy. The only thing which never varies is our commitment to always be there for you when you need us.

Coming soon… Domiciliary Care

Already living close to Northfield?

If you already live close to Northfield but require some element of specialist care, our Domiciliary Care team will soon be able to provide this within the comfort of your own home. If independence is something that is important to you, then providing exceptional Domiciliary Care means we can care for you while still respecting your wishes.

Our Domiciliary Carers will be made up of a group of friendly, specialist staff with the ability to visit you as often or as little as you would like. For further information about MPS Care Groups’ Domiciliary Care programme, please visit our designated domiciliary care page.

Meet the Team

Lisa Shaw

Manager at Northfield

“I’ve been a qualified Mental Health Nurse (RMN) since 2007 and, after working for a number of care companies across Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotheram, I became the Manager at Northfield in July 2020.

There’s always so much happening at Northfield and it’s absolutely brilliant. I love it. Every day is different, but we all work together as a team to resolve any of the challenges that each new day brings.

To provide quality care you’ve got to have that natural caring attitude, you really do. It’s something that means a lot to me, and I can’t see myself doing anything else… I’ve never done anything else!”

Tracy Fielding

Non Clinical Deputy at Northfield

“I’ve worked here at Northfield since 2017 and, although my to do list changes from day to day, my main duty is to make sure this place runs like clockwork.

The best thing about working at Northfield? It’s a small company, and it’s a friendly company. That means you do see the senior management team popping down and getting involved with whatever is needed of them.

It’s all hands on board here. But that’s why we can provide such person-centred care. We’re all caring carers at the end of the day, every single one of us.”


Nurse at Northfield

“I’ve been a nurse since I was 18 and I’ve worked on and off for MPS since 2005. For safety reasons I started working solely at Northfield at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, and I’m still here at the moment doing a job I love.

For me, it’s the staff. We’ve got good relationships with our residents, we work as part of a team and no two days are ever the same. I find I’ve got good support from the management. If I’ve got any problems, I just go to them and things are sorted straight away.

The residents, they brighten your day. We’re here to look after them and keep them safe, and to try and look after them how their loved ones would want them to be looked after. That’s my approach, anyway, looking after somebody the way I’d want my parents to be looked after.”


Senior Carer at Northfield

“I came to Northfield towards the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and within five months I’d trained to become a Senior Carer. We’re all a family here. That’s what it feels like. Genuinely everyone sticks together, because we’re all a team at the end of the day.

An average day? I come to work, get everyone up, dressed, ready and make sure they’ve had breakfast, make sure they’ve had their medication, make sure they’re safe and well looked after. I just try to be caring with everything I do and to treat them as if they were my own family.

I’d been out of care for nine years before I came to Northfield. I wanted to come back and give something to elderly people, because that’s all I really know. I should have done it sooner really.”


Receptionist at Northfield

“I’ve worked on the reception here at Northfield since the summer of 2019 and one thing I know for certain is that first impressions count. I try to greet every new resident, family or delivery driver with a smile, because that’s what people remember – their first impression.

What makes Northfield special is the care that we have for our residents and the activities that they do. We have singers in, we have cream teas, they have parties at Christmas, summer fairs. It’s everything that we try to involve our residents and make them happy.

I’m not a carer. But even just working at reception, if I see a resident I’ll ask them if they want a cup of tea and I’ll sit down with them for five minutes to talk about their day. Every little thing I can do to help is a form of care in my eyes.”

Lynne Coyne

Activities Coordinator at Northfield

“I’ve been running activities at Northfield since the home was about 6 months old. My secret, and I’ve been doing it for 14 years, is to make each individual feel special, putting together a programme which is based on their actual interests and hobbies for when they first arrive.

From then on, the sky’s the limit. We do all sorts here. We’ve had meerkats, we’ve had llamas. Families are involved, and so are volunteers. The family support is amazing and the company’s support is amazing because I do get to do some weird and wonderful things.

A smile goes a long long way. Kindness goes a long long way. If I can make each resident smile then that’s worth more than any wage. I’m a bit crazy too – that also helps!”

Rob Taylor

Maintenance at Northfield

“I’m the maintenance man here at Northfield. It was 2017 when I started working here so it was a brand new building, but it still needed a few things putting right before it could really start to feel like a care home.

I take a lot of pride in my work and I always have done. I was taught as a blacksmith so although I mainly do repairs and look after the gardens, I still build a rapport with the residents themselves, trying to make Northfield feel like home for them.

I always try to make people feel comfortable. When we get a new resident, I normally make a point of seeing them, telling them that if they have a maintenance problem they just need to give me a call. It’s only little jobs for me, but it makes a massive difference for the residents.”

Karen Young

Cook at Northfield

“I’ve worked at Northfield as a cook since 2018 and I love my job. I’m not just saying that because I work here, I just think it’s lovely that we can make a difference to the residents and see them with happy smiling faces.

As a cook, it’s just about making sure the residents are comfortable and that they have the right diets. Each resident is unique so it’s important to get to know them, to learn what each resident will and won’t have so you can make sure they’re eating exactly what they want to eat.

I used to work in a coffee shop in Thorne but I just wanted to have a change and work with the elderly. We do try and attend to everybody’s different needs and we’re all a good team. We all work together. We’re like one big family really.”

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