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Who are apetito?

Based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, apetito is the leading food producer for nutritious food for care homes. apetito take great pride in their pioneering innovation within the food industry having recently won their 3rd Queens Award for Enterprise.

Why work with apetito?

apetito help us to keep our residents fit, healthy and active with balanced diets on a daily basis. They provide a wide range of meals that have been specifically created to cater for the needs and requirements of every individual resident, and are appropriate for those with specific medical conditions and food allergies.

What makes apetito different?

apetito are determined to produce delicious, nutritious and sustainable meals at a higher standard, respecting the people they work with as well as protecting our planet.
apetito firmly believe that everyone, especially the elderly, deserves a quality nutritious meal, with the health and wellbeing of our residents at the heart of what they do.

Where does their food come from?

apetito are proud to support the British food and farming industry, which is why they work hard to source their food from local suppliers who share their commitment to improving the world we live in. All their ingredients are carefully handpicked and lovingly prepared by their expert in-house chefs and then tested in their industry leading laboratory meaning apetito can not only guarantee that their meals are quality and nutritious, but that they are the safest option for care homes.

You can learn more about apetito, their values and how they help residents by visiting their website.


What is Beaucare?

Established in 1992 by founder and chairman Jonathan Brown, Beaucare Medical Ltd is a leading UK supplier of medical, nursing and hygiene supplies/equipment to private care homes, care home groups, hospitals, health trusts and individual consumers.

Why work with Beaucare?

By partnering with Beaucare, MPS Care Group can ensure that all of our care homes are at the cutting edge of care. No matter the specific needs of any of our individual residents, we’re confident that Beaucare can provide the equipment to match, always to an exceptional quality.

What does that mean for you?

The vast wealth of experience and knowledge available from the Beaucare team has, time and time again, enabled our staff to order care products with confidence and clarity. That means more comfort, more choice, and more support for your loved ones, no matter what they need to live a happy life.

What makes Beaucare different?

With thousands of product lines and a number of well trusted brands, Beaucare has set the standard for the high quality, affordable supply of medical, janitorial and hygiene products. From wet wipes to mobility aids to fall prevention systems, their range aims to cover everything an individual seeking care might require.

You can learn more about Beaucare’s extensive range of medical equipment and consumables by visiting their website.

Care 4 Quality

Who are Care 4 Quality?

Based in Cornwall, the team at Care 4 Quality are the UK’s health and social care quality compliance specialists. The company offers a range of tailored and personalised services to a number of care homes and various health institutes, all with the aim of improving health care compliance and setting impeccable standards.

Why work with Care 4 Quality?

All of Care 4 Quality’s expert consultants have a passion for quality assurance within the care environment. Together, they have a comprehensive volume of experience spanning the entire care sector. With a refreshing and transparent approach to their consultancy services, whether it’s inspections or surveys or training sessions, they help us to be better in everything we do.

What does that mean for you?

By conducting regular and often unannounced audits, Care 4 Quality ensures that all of our homes at MPS Care Group are operating to the high standards we set ourselves. That’s why we can offer full quality assurance to our residents, so that you know your loved ones are always in safe hands.

Our mission

One of our key commitments at MPS Care Group is advancing wellbeing on a daily basis, using the latest technologies and techniques to provide consistently excellent levels of care. Backed by the thorough analysis and recommendations of Care 4 Quality, we make sure that every day is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

You can learn more about how Care 4 Quality uses its numerous years of experience and knowledge to improve health care compliance throughout the UK by visiting their website.

Person Centred Software

What is Person Centred Software?

Person Centred Software (PCS) is the UK care sector’s most widely-used digital care system. Purpose-built with the intention of improving standards in social care, PCS’ Mobile Care Monitoring solution is the first fully mobile and easiest to use evidence of care system available to care homes in the UK.

Why use PCS?

Over 2,000 care homes now use Mobile Care Monitoring to measure their residents’ wellbeing, manage care delivery and organise records more effectively. The digital nature of the system greatly reduces the number of hours needed to complete paperwork, granting carers more time with their patients and allowing care homes to provide a level of care to their residents which simply wouldn’t be possible with paper alone.

What does that mean for you?

Here at MPS Care Group, Mobile Care Monitoring has given us the tools to provide the best quality of care for our residents, and to make a real difference to their lives. By streamlining their care needs, we can focus on providing the kinds of activities, food and daily interactions which will allow them to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What makes PCS different?

A unique feature of Mobile Care Monitoring is its ability to keep residents and relatives connected with each other through the in-built ‘Relatives Gateway’. With instant access to the care information and care plan preferences of your loved ones, you can ensure that we are aware of their every need, so that we can provide a truly responsive and person-centred approach to all of our residents.

For more information on how PCS harness technology to improve the lives of everybody involved in social care, please visit their website.


Who are Relias?

Relias has been providing digital learning solutions for teams working within the health and social care sector since 2002. Their intuitive training programmes have been designed to simplify and streamline staff training, helping care organisations to achieve a consistent commitment towards self-improvement.

Why work with Relias?

With a range of training courses and an intuitive learning system, Relias consistently helps care providers to improve their services, outcomes and levels of compliance. Delivering expert course content in an engaging manner, Relias aims to reduce the pressure felt by those working within the care sector, helping them achieve higher levels of efficiency whilst crucially safeguarding service-users and raising quality of care.

What does that mean for you?

Here at MPS Care Group, we understand that care needs are always changing, and that our organisation needs to change with them in order to deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date level of care. All of our staff at MPS Care Group have been expertly trained, and they continue to undertake regular training sessions to ensure they are always improving and that they can respond to any given situation.

Why trust Relias?

So far, Relias have enhanced training and outcomes for more than 10,000 clients across the healthcare spectrum. We trust them to identify and improve the most important challenges within our care homes, which is why you can in turn trust us to look after your loved ones, no matter what.

For more information about how Relias’ training programmes help care providers improve quality, boost financial performance and drive better outcomes, please visit their website.

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