MPS Care Group responds to COVID-19

MPS Care Group continues to adhere to the guidelines set by Public Health England Agency, and has introduced a strong set of precautionary measures to protect our residents.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic caused many things to change around the world. From our daily ways of life, to our working and socialising habits, everything has been affected by the virus.

Care homes, and their residents, have been no exception to this rule.

With COVID-19 having the most damaging effect amongst the over 70s, it has been absolutely vital for MPS Care Group to ensure that all of our care homes are operating at a beyond exceptional standard.

We have always prided ourselves on our commitment to quality, but the arrival of COVID-19 has made maintaining those standards of quality more important than ever before. Providing exceptional care is no longer just a point of pride for our staff – it is a matter of utmost safety.

All of our care homes are now operating under limited visiting hours and strict guidelines. Before a visit can take place, families must undergo an individualised risk-assessment and a shared decision must be reached between the family, residents and staff to ensure the visit will be safe and that everyone involved is comfortable with the visit taking place.

When family members do visit their loved ones, they must follow strict protocols at all times to reduce the risk of any infection spreading. That means signing in and out, sanitising hands regularly and wearing face coverings at all times.

For the staff working within our homes, correct use of PPE is of maximum priority in order that we can continue to administer care which is often personal and undertaken within close proximity to residents. The safe preparation of food and the thorough cleaning of scrubs and kitchen overalls is also of paramount importance.

When any staff members exhibit symptoms, they are required to stay at home and isolate, while the manager at that specific care home attempts to safely fulfil the staff shortage, either in-house or externally.

It should be noted that the maintenance of these high standards has only been possible thanks to the fantastic commitment and support of our entire team, who have all pulled together as one to make sure our company and our residents can get through this pandemic as effectively and as safely as possible.

When a suspected infection does arise, standard operating procedures are in place to prevent it from causing unnecessary harm, including appropriate infection control precautions to protect staff and residents.

All of our homes are working closely with local GPs and pharmacists to ensure that they have the correct anticipatory medications in stock and that they are administering them correctly and effectively.

As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, we will continue to monitor the government’s response and advice, only make changes when sensible and absolutely safe to do so. The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff are our utmost priority, and we are therefore asking that family members contact the homes directly about visiting opportunities as well as any new care enquiries.

We will continue to safely accept new residents, and ensure that they have a place to call home during these troubling times.

Even for the smallest questions, do not hesitate to contact Head Office at:

01773 546736

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