Whatever you need from your care home, you’ll find it with us

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy routine as we get older. Not at MPS Care Group. Within the safety and the comfort of any one of our homes, we like to think there’s never been a better time (or a better place) to try something new.

Whether it’s the types of care we provide, the activities we take part in or even just the food we eat, we take a flexible approach to everything we do, prioritising balance and variety to ensure every day you or your loved ones spend with us is one to remember.

Do not hesitate to call us or drop an email and we can help walk you through the next steps of this exciting chapter.

Types of Care

Here at MPS Care Group, our care always starts with you. The range of support we offer is flexible, based around the specific needs and requirements of every resident, but the love and professionalism with which all our carers carry out their roles never changes.

Because everyone’s needs are unique, we strive to provide the optimum level of care for your loved ones. From independent styles of living to more attentive forms of support, you can learn more about the types of care our homes specialise in by clicking the link below.

View Our Care Types


Our care homes are bustling with life and every day is special. We have a variety of activities taking place throughout the week, and we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting activities to keep us feeling young once more.

We organise activities for a range of abilities and encourage all of our residents to take part. Each individual home has its own programme of social events and entertainment, but you can find a comprehensive list of all the activities we get up to by following the link below.

View All Our Activities

Dining Experiences

At MPS Care Group, we believe that one of the secrets to a happy, fulfilled life starts with our diet. That’s why we’ve partnered with apetito, to provide quality food with high nutritional value to our residents, and to keep us all fit and healthy.

Take a look at some of the food on our menu below. We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s something for everyone.

View Our Food Range

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