What’s on the Menu…

Main Range

Why choose from apetito’s Main Range?

When it comes to food, we know that choice and variety are the keys to a healthy and balanced diet. Thanks to our partnership with apetito, all of our residents here at MPS Care Group can benefit from apetito’s Main Range of food options, which features a huge selection of nourishing and delicious soups, mains, sides and desserts. 

With hundreds of items to choose from, apetito’s Main Range has been lovingly curated to provide for every taste and meal preference. Within this range you’ll find something for everyone, including homely favourites such as roast chicken and cottage pie, as well as more adventurous options such as delicious fish dishes and curries. 

What makes it special?

apetito’s talented chefs and dieticians work together to continually add to and improve their menu, ensuring that as many tastes as possible can be catered for within our care homes. This ensures that every meal our residents ever eat looks appetising, tastes great and is nutritionally balanced. 

It also means that our residents can enjoy something new every day, giving them the energy they need to support a balanced, varied and active lifestyle.

What goes in to it?

The entirety of apetito’s Main Range has been sourced from ingredients that we can be proud of in terms of animal welfare, food safety and farm assurance. Wherever possible, apetito strives to support British food and farming and use sustainably sourced ingredients, so that all of our residents can look forward to meal times.

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.

Special Diets

Why choose from apetito’s Special Diets Range?

While variety and choice can be really important for maintaining a balanced diet, certain people require more order to the food they eat. Whether it’s for health reasons or simply a matter of personal preference, our partners over at apetito offer a wide range of meals for people with special dietary requirements.

What does ‘Special Diets’ include?

Thanks to their many years of experience and knowledge, apetito’s expert chefs can cater for a wide range of special diets, including energy-dense meal options for underweight/malnourished individuals, low-sugars and low-fat meals, vegan and vegetarian options as well as meals appropriate for those with food intolerance and allergies, including gluten-free meals.

What makes it special?

The team at apetito makes use of in-house dietitians, nutritionists and food scientists to ensure their meals deliver optimal nutritional value across a range of dietary requirements. Not only does this keep those with food intolerances safe, it also helps all of our residents sharpen their minds as well as their bodies, and to ultimately live longer, happier and more enriched lives.

What goes in to it?

apetito are proud of the ingredients which go into every one of their meals. But they’re also proud of what comes out. Their committed team continuously seeks to reduce any unnecessary salt, sugar and additives in meals, leaving only those ingredients that contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of our residents.

In short, with apetito’s Special Diets range, you can be sure that all the meals your loved ones are eating taste good, look good and do good too!

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.


Why choose from apetito’s Texture-modified Range?

Individuals suffering from dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) can now enjoy their meals with dignity thanks to Apetito’s award-winning range of texture-modified meals.

Over 70 nutritionally balanced soft food options are available to our residents through apetito, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of the meals are blended to a consistent texture that meets the BDA and National Descriptor Guidelines for dysphagia diets, significantly reducing the threat of choking, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia which dysphagia sufferers are often at risk from.

What makes it special?

What makes apetito’s Texture-modified meal range so good is the fact that the food holds its shape after cooking. This ensures that the meals look appetising once our cooks have transferred them to the plate, without compromising flavour in any way. The pre-blended nature of the individual food portions also greatly reduces the risk of bacterial contamination from blending equipment or handling.

What are the benefits?

Many sufferers of dysphagia experience extreme anxiety when it comes to mealtimes, as well as growing feelings of isolation if they start to avoid eating with others as a result. For that reason, apetito’s Texture-modified range can also have a significant impact on a resident’s mental wellbeing, ensuring that they look forward to mealtimes once more.

Has it won any awards?

apetito’s Texture-Modified range was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, and the company also launched another award-winning food range in the form of Purée Petite, a range of smaller meals that contain specialist nutrition for people who may have lost their appetite or feel overwhelmed by larger meals due to dysphagia.

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.

Ethnic & Cultural Range

Why choose from apetito’s Ethnic & Cultural Range?

We live in a diverse culture where individual food tastes are not only more varied but also more accessible than ever before. To reflect this, apetito developed their own ‘Ethnic & Cultural Range’, a popular selection of meals inspired by a number of locations and cultures across the globe, including authentic Asian and traditional African-Caribbean food.

What makes it special?

Remaining in touch with your culture is important at all stages of life, but it can be increasingly difficult to do so when you are no longer in charge of cooking your own food or preparing your own meal plans. That’s why, here at MPS Care Group, we strive to give all our residents the option to choose from apetito’s Ethnic & Cultural menu during their mealtimes, so that they can continue to feel at home even when sitting down to eat.

Does it cater towards any dietary requirements?

apetito’s Ethnic & Cultural Range also caters towards those who have specific dietary requirements or a need to organise their diet according to religious beliefs. Kosher meals, halal meals and Asian vegetarian meals can be found within this range, all prepared to an exceptional standard by apetito’s expert chefs.

Can everyone enjoy apetito’s Ethnic & Cultural Range?

This range isn’t solely for those looking to stay in touch with their roots, however. We like to think that apetito’s Ethnic & Cultural food range also offers our residents a great opportunity to try new tastes and explore a more diverse menu of food options, even in their old age.

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.

Mini Meals Extra

Why choose from apetito’s Mini Meals Extra Range?

Mini Meals Extra refers to apetito’s range of small, energy dense meal portions designed to combat the effects of malnutrition and ensure our residents receive the energy and nutrition they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

What makes it special?

These portions may be small, but they are packed full of calories and at least 20g of essential protein, making them an ideal meal option for those with reduced appetites or in need of extra nourishment after a particular treatment.

Who is it for?

Malnutrition is a serious issue that can impact every aspect of an individual’s lifestyle, including their overall sociability and mental wellbeing. It can often lead to feelings of isolation during mealtimes, as well as a number of major health risks too.

For this reason, our partners over at apetito have worked tirelessly to develop a range of meal options that can allow those with reduced appetites to enjoy their meals while still providing them with the sustenance and energy to finish each and every day on a full stomach.

What are the benefits?

These energy dense meals can be cooked in multiple ways and at a variety of times throughout the day, allowing those residents who need it the option to explore a more flexible eating schedule. They also eliminate the need to carve up larger meals or throw away uneaten food, helping to reduce food waste in the long run.

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.

Free From

Why choose from apetito’s Free From Range?

Food allergies can be difficult to manage throughout our lives, but especially as we get older and more susceptible to a range of different allergens. At MPS Care Group, we take the time to make ourselves aware of any and all allergies that your loved ones are at risk from, so that we can ensure they’re never eating something which might cause them serious harm.

For those who require additional peace of mind, however, apetito’s Free From range offers delicious meals that are free from all 14 known allergens.

Why is this important?

By eliminating any trace of allergens altogether, apetito’s Free From range ensures that any at-risk individuals are safe at all times, with no compromise on flavour or choice.

All of the food within this range is free from: 

  • Celery
  • Cereals containing gluten (such as barley and oats)
  • Crustaceans (such as prawns, crabs and lobsters)
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Lupin
  • Milk
  • Molluscs (such as mussels and oysters)
  • Mustard
  • Peanuts
  • Sesame
  • Soybeans
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites (if they are at a concentration of more than ten parts per million) 
  • Tree nuts (such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts).

What makes it special?

All of apetito’s food is prepared in a sterile cooking environment and samples from every single batch are analysed for pathogens prior to delivery, making apetito one of the safest catering options available within the health and social care sector. With the risk of cross-contamination therefore extremely low, you can rest assured that your loved ones are as safe as possible, even during mealtimes.

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.

Finger Foods

Why choose from apetito’s Finger Foods Range?

Mealtimes can be a cause of stress for those who have experienced a stroke, have difficulty with coordination or are living with dementia. To combat this, apetito have developed their own Finger Foods range: playfully presented and manageable food portions which allow certain residents to enjoy their mealtimes with less frustration and more freedom.

In this range alone, you’ll find delicious chicken dishes, perfect family favourites and 100% sustainably sourced meat-free options.

What makes it special?

apetito’s Finger Food range is more than just ‘party food’. All of the meals within this range provide at least one source of protein, a portion of carbohydrates and a minimum 80g portion of vegetables.

This ensures people who require finger food are not missing out on vegetables, have more variety in their diet and feel like they’re eating a true meal. Importantly, it also helps reduce the challenges faced by those who require finger food.

What are the benefits?

apetito’s Finger Foods range has been designed to help those who find mealtimes challenging maintain their independence. On top of that, it allows people to take control of their eating habits, helping to preserve eating skills and increase the interest in food which can sometimes be lost as we enter old age.

You can learn more about apetito’s delicious range of food options by visiting their website.

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